what is critical thinking?

Teachers treat consultants like us as a “wild animal” in their domesticated zoo (I mean school), where there is times tested rules and regulations. So when we say new jargon words like critical thinking, creative thinking, it creates more sense of uneasiness than motivation for action. “How can we teach critical thinking to kids as young as six year old?” Teachers always wanted to teach (???) and I told provide opportunities that lead to critical thinking rather than teaching critical thinking.

Customer is not the king

A friend of mine came from Canada for vacation. Assuming that apparels in India are cheaper to buy, we visited the biggest shopping mall in the town. After settling down into a store, we realized the store stacked at least a dozen brands. After checking into fourth brand zone, my friend realized that it is becoming tiring to go to each brand zone to search his size then select it. He asked a simple question. Why don’t they reorganize the merchandize according to size instead of brands? If all brand’s trousers of my size is kept at one place, it will be easy to compare and select it.

Why our students are waiting for instruction?

Recently I met with acquaintance pursuing his second year engineering degree in a well known college in our town. After talking about our college days somehow, our talk went to internet and Facebook. He seems updated himself with social media usage very well. However, I surprised to know that he is completely unaware of MIT OpenCourse.

what they don't teach at school

Recently, I have had interaction with a group of students. I just initiated the discussion by focusing the object in front of us: A stainless steel vessel and tumbler. I told them its result of human pursuit to store the drinking water in a safe and reliable manner. When human began their first profession, i.e farming, they stopped moving everywhere in pursuit of food and settled near a dependable water source: a river.

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