interaction with scientists

School students hardly get opportunity to interact with experts from outside world other than their immediate circle. This program is organized to give an opportunity to interact with people they might not normally encounter and hear different perspectives about science in practical world. Students develop the important skill of asking higher order questions by participating in such interactions.

Realizing the numbers –Maths worksheets-part-1

Children often does lot of arithmetical calculation, but rarely appreciates real associated value of the number behind it. So let’s make interest in numbers by associating it with the day to day objects. This free printable maths worksheets are suitable for children of age 8 and above. It’s starting point. You can create and develop similar exercises for your kids.

Ignite your child's creativity..

National Innovation foundation, India organizes invites children to submit creative ideas to solve real world problems. Children of up to 17 years age are eligible. As children are original thinkers without worrying about the "doubts, possibilities" of success of the idea, they can visualize solutions for day to problems in a new perspective unlike adults. Your child can submit proposal throughout the year and September 10 is the cut-off date for selecting the best ideas of the current year. So encourage your child to participate in it.

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